Wearable technology devices deemed “too embarrassing”

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In the United Kingdom, consumers said that they would be too embarrassed to use wearables. The results of an Apadmi survey have been released, and what they have shown is that in the U.K., one third of all consumers would be too embarrassed to put wearable technology gadgets on and use them in a regular setting, outside. This suggests that before wearables will be able to make it into the mainstream, they will first need a makeover. The survey indicated that a large number of consumers would not be willing…

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Some wearable technology will be mainstream in 2015

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There are already many gadgets on the market from smartwatches to the smart bra, but only some are actually selling. In 2014, many were calling it the year of wearable technology, and while it did represent a time in which many, many new devices made their way onto market shelves, it was still quite rare to actually see the majority of them in everyday life. Now, the next generation of mobile gadgets are starting to find their way onto the clothes and wrists of consumers. A recent report has shown…

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