Learn from the mobile marketing mistakes of others

qr code marketing

Jump ahead by learning from the trial and error that has already been accomplished. Mobile marketing is still very new and can be quite tricky, but there have already been a large number of campaigns – some successes and some failures – that can help a company or a brand to learn how to continually improve its own advertising and promotions, without having to make the same mistakes that have already been suffered by others. QR codes are a prime example of how successes are possible by avoiding repeats of…

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CERM’s greener vision for the future

QR codes have been on the cutting edge of marketing lately and have had a powerful impact for many advertisers. The innovative two dimensional codes have been used to help realtors connect with clients, health food organizations educate the public on produce, and even record labels get a head start on promotion. With the possibilities of QR codes still being discovered, it should come as no surprise that they are playing their own part at saving the world. The Council of European Municipalities and Regions, also known as CEMR, has…

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