QR codes with nearly invisible design created by Visulead

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The Israeli startup has just announced its smartphone friendly barcode that “fades” the typical appearance. Ad and graphic designers may just sigh a breath of relief as they hear the news that an Israeli startup called Visulead has produced QR codes with an appearance that “fades” the standard appearance. This new technology is designed to help to beautify the appearance of the barcodes. The popularity of QR codes among marketers and smartphone users is rapidly growing due to their cost effectiveness and because they can be scanned by these very…

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Spektacle Magazine releases new QR code broadcasting book

Unique QR Code

Spektacle Magazine has announced the release of a new book entitled “Broadcasting on Paper” which is designed to help print media such as newspapers and magazines to provide their readers with exciting new features based on QR codes. The book shows a number of ways in which a QR code campaign can be created, using step-by-step instructions, which include everything from selecting the best form and design of barcode to use, to deciding how to make them visually appealing, and then managing the codes that have already been created. The…

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Research from Scanbuy shows American marketers increasing awareness and adoption rates for QR codes

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Scanbuy, Inc., the company that developed the mobile barcode platform called ScanLife, has released the findings from their quantitative research that demonstrated the sizeable adoption rate and awareness of QR codes and other two dimensional barcodes among American marketers throughout a broad spectrum of industries. Respondents included over 100 marketers that represented businesses both large and small from industries ranging from retail to healthcare, and entertainment. It indicated that half of all key decision makers have already implemented QR codes as an element of their marketing strategies, and that an…

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Research from Scanbuy shows awareness and adoption of QR codes solid among American marketers

Mobile Marketing

A recent study performed by Scanbuy, Inc. – the creator of the mobile barcode platform, Scanlife – has shown that marketers in the United States are very aware of two dimensional barcodes and they are adopting this technology quite solidly among many industries. The study included the participation of over 100 marketers from businesses ranging from small to quite large, and within industries such as retail, healthcare, and entertainment. Its results showed that half of the key decision makers are already using the technology as an element of their overall…

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New app for iPhone tracks employee hours by using QR codes

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An iPhone app has provided a new tool based on QR code technology that allows the TimeStation system to offer companies a new high tech way to track the hours of their workers while they’re on the job. The concept of the TimeStation was that if QR codes can help with other tracking processes, such as in helping with the tracking of the mail, then it can be used for other purposes such as monitoring the attendance of employees, too. The system functions by combining an iPhone app with ID…

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