Could QR Save You Money on Your Home Telecom Packages?

QR code

Over the years, new methods have been innovated to make access to information easier. Quick response, more popularly known as QR, is an easy way of verifying information on your smartphone or uploading the same. It involves the use of black bars that are coded to contain specific information. The code is scanned by your phone, which then decodes the data and helps you access all that you need concerning the encrypted message. Uses of Quick Response Codes You might have come across a Quick Response code either on a…

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MRT station uses QR codes to allow commuters in Singapore to purchase groceries

QR Code Wall

The commuters in Singapore who use the Boon Lay and Bugis MRT stations now have an added service available to them, which involves the ability to purchase their groceries with their smartphones by scanning QR codes. The transit stations feature walls with images of products next to the two dimensional bar codes. By scanning the codes, commuters are redirected to the mobile site for Cold Storage, where they can enter their details and have their grocery items delivered to their homes. SMRT Investments managing director, Dawn Loh, explained that many…

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The opportunity presented by QR code use


As the use of mobile marketing picks up at an exponential rate, various techniques are being tested and scrutinized, in the attempt to decide whether or not they are worthwhile. QR codes are no exception to this rule. These two dimensional bar codes are being viewed as an effective technique for bridging the gap from the real world into the mobile environment. However, they do still have their limitations. Understanding them is key to getting the most out of their use. QR codes allow smartphone users to scan a code…

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