Social media marketing strategies at Facebook and Twitter freshen up stale ads

Social Media Marketing

These two networks are working to come up with new ways to generate profit from their current successes. Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms are now working on enhancing their social media marketing experience so that they will be able to bring in greater profits based on their ability to successfully reach millions of consumers. Facebook already has over one billion users and it has been working very hard to boost its income via marketing. Twitter has been doing the same, with a notably greater focus on social media marketing much…

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Social media marketing analytics dashboard comes to Twitter

Twitter QR codes outage Mobile social media marketing mobile ads

The social network has now launched a new set of features to help in the optimization of strategies. Twitter has now upgraded its analytics dashboard in order to give its users the ability to measure impressions of tweets and the engagement that they generate, in addition to the performance that is achieved by social media marketing over time. The hope is that it will assist Twitter users in being able to “effectively optimize their content strategy”. The Analytics tab at can now be accessed by verified users, Twitter Card…

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Social media marketing loves the Suarez bite scandal

social media marketing puma twitter fifa world cup

Adidas may have dropped the player and the World Cup has banned him, but companies are seizing the ad opportunity. When Luis Suarez bit an opponent at a World Cup game, earning the striker a four month ban and a loss of the Adidas ads in which he had been featured, the move did manage to please some people, as companies have been taking advantage of it in their social media marketing campaigns. Among the companies that have jumped on board the controversial advertising technique were McDonald’s and Netflix. The…

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Social media marketing will come out on top at the Brazil World Cup

brazil 2014 world cup social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all expected to cash in on ads in a big way. The World Cup is exploding with excitement and as everything comes together for this massive soccer event in Brazil, social media marketing is already making a tremendous splash in advertising and is expected to become more important than it ever has been before throughout these games. Television and radio have always been tremendously important, but mobile and social are stepping into the battle. Social media marketing is taking off at full force for the…

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