Twitter’s new For You page angers its users

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The social media platform now defaults to a layout somewhat like TikTok and users don’t like it. Twitter users are beginning to see a new algorithmically driven For You page style feed similar to the design that TikTok presents upon initially opening the application. Users of the platform have been quite outspoken over their dislike of the new format. The new For You page is a feed of the tweets made by other users that are followed, in combination with tweets from other accounts that are suggested by the platform’s…

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Twitter dumps tabbed timeline four days after launch

Tabbed timeline - Twitter app

Users hated the format and after a massive wave of complaints, the social media platform removed it. Twitter launched a new tabbed timeline to iOS users only to face a huge revolt from its users, forcing it to dump the design only four days later. The algorithmically generated feed didn’t last a week and never made it to the Android roll-out. iOS users were quick to voice their opinion – and strong dislike – for the new tabbed timeline. They made such noise about it that by four days after…

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