Trend Micro QR Scanner improves QR code scan security

Trend Micro QR Scanner - Hand - Mobile Phone - Block Dangerous Site

Android users can safely scan quick response codes. The newly launched Trend Micro QR Scanner, enables Android users to scan QR codes safely and easily. It has been designed to provide the highest quality URL safety checks on every code a user scans. The free QR scanner app helps to protect mobile devices from malicious content. Scanning QR codes is a fast and easy process, which is one of the reasons why quick response codes have grown in popularity over the years. However, this doesn’t mean that every one of…

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Mobile security product for Android unveiled by Trend Micro

mobile security policies

The announcement stated that the product allows for faster scanning for malware and data backup. Trend Micro has just announced the launch of its Mobile Security 3.0, which provides protection for Android devices and will extend its coverage to Facebook, provide users with data backup over the secure cloud at Trend Micro, and gives its users speedier malware scanning. The company explained that the upgrade is in response to the rising and evolving threats over Android. According to the Trend Micro regional director of digital marketing and consumer business, Terrence…

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Mobile security company hired by BlackBerry for App World

Blackberry mobile security

Trend Micro has just been contracted by the company formerly known as Research In Motion. BlackBerry has just announced that it has signed a contract with Trend Micro, a mobile security company, in order to provide screening of third party apps before they are added to the App World for download or purchase by device users. This is meant to provide a considerable upgrade to the already substantial protection the company offers its customers. Before applications from third parties can be sold or downloaded from BlackBerry App World, there is…

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