Mobile apps are commonly used by American travelers

M-commerce Travelers mobile apps

Ninety percent will use their smartphones in domestic or international travel. According to the results of a recent survey, Americans love to have their smartphones and mobile apps available to use while they are traveling both domestically and abroad, and 90 percent will use those devices regardless of the fact that they could incur roaming charges. The outcome of this survey closely mirrors the results of previous research that has made similar suggestions. This most recent study of the use of mobile apps and phones by American travelers was conducted…

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Predictions for the leading trends for travel this year

M-commerce growth

Orbitz has announced that mobile commerce, travel as a gift, and flash sales will be the top three trends for travel this year. Reporting that not only will American mobile commerce almost double itself this year, but it will also become an integral part of the travel experience. There was also an increase of almost 350 percent of flash sale sites between July 2009 and that same month in 2011. The growth in popularity of those sites has shown no sign of slowing down. The travel company went on to underline…

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Pilot program of a holographic QR code display begins at Aloft Hotel

Holographic Hotel Concierge

Aloft Hotel has announced that it will be testing a new program that involves QR codes to provide guests with a holographic concierge that will be able to assist them with convenient access to information as well as discount offers and promotions from businesses nearby. The pilot program involves the use of a life-sized cutout of a hotel concierge, which is located in Aloft’s lobby, and onto which a holographic image is projected. This holographic person can then provide the hotel’s guests with information about the best places to golf,…

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