Shanghai QR code visa system launched

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The city in China has become a first to adopt a new quick response code sticker on entry permits. The new Shanghai QR code sticker includes the Chinese city among the first to adopt the new permit system. The pilot project involves 144 hour visa-free transit passes. The quick response codes contain the traveler’s personal information so it can be obtained through a scanner. The QR codes have been added in order to improve the efficiency and convenience of short term travel. When compared with the existing entry permits that…

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Mobile qr code scanning brings visitors that much closer to the “Close”

The Real Mary King’s Close

QR codes have been used in some innovative marketing campaigns in the past, but now they are being used to bring a bit of history back to life in Scotland. The Real Mary King’s Close is a famous tourist attraction in Edinburgh and is one of the best preserved historic sites in the United Kingdom, dating back to the 16th century. The Close, a complex of tenement houses lining a central street, was home to thousands before it was partially demolished and buried beneath the Royal Exchange. The site is…

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Dubai doing it big again but this time with QR codes

A number of companies have displayed their ingenuity in using QR codes. The codes have had a significant impact on how marketers reach consumers, but some have not been content with the normally sedentary nature of the codes. Generally, QR codes are an accompaniment – often tucked away in a corner – while the more flashy aspects of advertising soak up the most attention. Those looking to make the codes a more prominent piece to their marketing campaigns have gone so far as to constructing massive codes out of paint…

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