4 Ways Marketers Can Keep QR Codes From Dying

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Earlier this year there was an article published in Forbes magazine predicting the death of QR codes. The article points out that less than 20% of smart phone users scan a QR code on a monthly basis. The article concluded that “QR codes are dying in their current form.” I disagree. As more and more Americans turn to their mobile phones for information, the potential for QR codes grows ever larger. (Smart phone proliferation surged above 50% in early 2012). So, rather than wait for QR codes to die or,…

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Eenox launches new QR code management service called Qube

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Eenox, a web technology startup founded in 2011, has launched a new QR code management service called Qube. As QR codes become more widely known amongst consumers, companies are starting to see how important it is to keep control of their QR codes. Code management services are not especially new to the world of QR codes, but many are quite similar to one another. Qube aims to be different through the use of emerging geolocation technologies that will help companies learn how to place their codes effectively. The service utilizes…

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Kimtag introduces TwinConnect, a new product that combines QR codes with NFC technology.

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QR codes and NFC are often pitted against each other in the marketing world. NFC is gaining momentum as a potential successor of QR codes despite the fact that the codes continue to gain popularity amongst consumers and businesses. A new startup called Kimtag, which was launched earlier this year, seeks to combine the two mobile technologies and promote them as two sides of the same coin. The company has begun printing TwinConnect stickers, which feature both a QR code and an NFC tag. TwinConnect is designed to make the…

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