Why your Business Should Be Using QR Codes

QR codes

QR codes have been an interesting piece of technology for just over a decade now, they are implemented in a variety of ways. As they are scannable in the same way barcodes are, using QR codes can provide multiple benefits for a business, from being a useful marketing tool to encouraging more interaction. The technology is continuously advancing and being used in exciting and interesting ways, but even basic QR codes can enhance any business. Read on to find out the top five ways they can do this. They promote…

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New mobile marketing services increase offering QR code analytics

JSP Media, a marketing and web development company based in Elliot City, Maryland, are now offering a mobile site and QR code design service. As mobile technology becomes more prevalent, the importance of mobile-optimized websites is becoming clear. More businesses are beginning to incorporate mobile technology into their operations, hoping to take advantage of the boom in smart phone use and the emergence of other mobile devices. QR codes are playing a big role in changing the way companies interact with consumers. The black and white barcodes can be printed…

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