Giant QR code promotes tourism in northern China village

juniper giant qr code

In the Chinese province of Hebei, in the city of Baoding created a massive quick response code. A new Chinese tourism campaign has used 130,000 juniper trees to form a giant QR code that is viewable from the air. The quick response code was formed in a large tree field within a northern village. The trees are shaped into a QR code that is completely functional and that is meant to boost local tourism. Each of the giant QR code’s sides is about 745 feet long. The evergreen juniper trees…

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Tourism QR codes in Thailand promote local tourist attractions

tourism QR codes beach

The quick response codes are a part of a massive program mean to inform travelers throughout the country. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand has now launched a program called “Thailand Scan me” in which tourism QR codes are strategically placed to provide travelers with information about the various types of attractions they can find across the country but to which they may not otherwise have been exposed. The goal is to ensure that tourists will be as informed as possible about what is available in the country.…

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QR code campaign to help boost tourism

Michigan is joining the QR craze as the state’s Department of Transportation introduced the codes to their latest edition of maps. A smart phone application is also in development and is scheduled to be released in spring of this year. Dawn Garner, media services manager for the Department, has hopes that the codes and their associated application will encourage tourism to the state. While the physical maps already offer a sleuth of information, the codes are being used to link to interactive counterparts. The online maps will be able to…

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2D codes used to help travelers navigate

The city of Port Townsend, Washington, has announced that it will be using QR codes and Microsoft Tags to their maps of the city. Town Graphics, a company that specializes in creating interactive maps, will be providing hand-drawn pictorial maps of the Olympic Peninsula Victorian town. The company has provided two mock-ups that provide proof of concept of the endeavor. The codes on the mock-up maps link to sponsors videos on YouTube. The company is making use of the versatility of the codes, taking advantage of the fact that the…

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