Research from Scanbuy shows awareness and adoption of QR codes solid among American marketers

Mobile Marketing

A recent study performed by Scanbuy, Inc. – the creator of the mobile barcode platform, Scanlife – has shown that marketers in the United States are very aware of two dimensional barcodes and they are adopting this technology quite solidly among many industries. The study included the participation of over 100 marketers from businesses ranging from small to quite large, and within industries such as retail, healthcare, and entertainment. Its results showed that half of the key decision makers are already using the technology as an element of their overall…

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Simple QR code technique could help marketers build more effective campaigns

Mobile Commerce

QR codes may be becoming more popular amongst consumers, but the businesses using them may not be doing so effectively. Most codes are linked to discounts and other deals that can be found online. The codes have proven themselves to be a powerful consumer engagement tool, but businesses have grown accustomed to allowing the codes to perform a sole function. As marketers become more comfortable with the codes, they are beginning to see beyond the boundaries they once believed kept the barcodes confined. Most QR codes are scanned by consumers…

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The right moves for small businesses using mobile marketing

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The majority of small businesses are recognizing the fact that if they want to exist, internet marketing is an absolute must, and this doesn’t stop at a web presence through a site. The world has gone mobile, and small businesses need to keep up with that technology in order to remain alive. Social media has become a necessity for any small business that wants to establish a connection with its customers. Though the features and tools are changing on a regular basis, the purpose of the effort remains the same:…

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Common mistakes made with QR Code campaigns

QR codes are becoming more popular all over the world. Once thought to be a tool for businesses, they are now being used by several non-profit and governmental organizations as a means of promoting their message. They have been used successfully in a number of initiatives to raise awareness on environmental and health issues as well as well as a means of offering public transit information. While they have been something of a phenomenon, the codes are only as good as the content they are linked to. Something that the…

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