Time’s 50 Most Influential Gadgets list places the iPhone at the top

iphones most influential gadgets

The publication has said that no tech device has ever had a greater impact on the world than the Apple smartphone. Time magazine has now released its list of the devices it has listed among its 50 Most Influential Gadgets of all time and the iPhone has been given the very top position as having the greatest impact on the way people live their daily lives including both work and playtime. The publication named that smartphone over any other tech device created in recent history. Other than the iPhone, the…

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Top gadgets of 2013 list released by Time

Chromecast top gadgets

The device that made its way to the very top, this year, was the Chromecast, for streaming video content. According to the top gadgets list for this year, as was just released by Time, the best device of the year was the Chromecast media streaming device that was available for a list price of an affordable $35, beating off heavy competition from Microsoft, Apple, and even Nokia. The magazine giant produced its list of the best ten devices that were released this year for consumers. Its explanation for naming the…

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Will magazine publishers make money from their tablet commerce apps?

Tablet Commerce confidence

Magazine publishers are placing a great deal of confidence on apps designed for tablets, with an aggressive new attempt to encourage both new and existing customers to subscribe to new digital editions of their publications. Both Conde Nast and Hearst signed agreements with Apple in May 2011, which allowed tablet users to use the iTunes Store to subscribe to magazines from those publishers. In July, Time made headlines with its announcement that the last 17 of its 21 titles would be available in tablet editions. By that point, Time had…

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