QR code payments now possible between Thailand and Indonesia

QR code payments - Thailand and Indonesia partnership

Quick response codes will be making cross-border transactions considerably smoother in the area. Indonesia and Thailand have announced that they are launching a new cross-border QR code payments system. This option is still currently in its pilot testing stage. That said, there is every faith that the quick response barcodes will prove themselves for completing real-time transactions between merchants located in Thailand and consumers located in Indonesia, as well as the other way around. This has become a growing trend among countries in that region of the world. Over the…

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GPS technology deployed in Thailand to keep CSD Police in line

CSD Police - Guard

The tech tracks the movements of on-duty CSD police to prevent them from skipping their duties. The Crime Suppression Division (CSD) in Thailand has cracked down on on-duty CSD officers by tracking their whereabouts in real-time using GPS technology. The technology has been implemented to keep on-duty officers honest, ensuring that they are actually completing their rounds when on patrol. Some officers have been finding their way out of patrols by scanning QR codes at home. There are certain areas in Thailand that require an increased level of policing. In…

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Temple in Thailand new receives QR code donations

Thailand temple qr code donations

Wat Samrong Tai has made it possible for visitors to use mobile payments to make donations. A temple called Wat Samrong Tai in Thailand’s Phra Pradaeng district is using QR code donations to make it easier for visitors to give in an increasingly cashless society. The temple has created a payment transaction point that involves scanning quick response codes. The QR code donations are processed by way of the PromptPay system. That mobile payments system is promoted by the Thai government itself. The goal is to help to make it…

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QR codes at historical parks get the nod from Thai Culture Minister

Scanning QR codes

The trial period for the quick response codes went very well and Veera Rojanarat has given positive feedback. Thailand’s Culture Minister Veera Rojanarat, has said that the trial for using QR codes in order to enhance the experience of tourists at three of the country’s historical parks is considered to be a success, to the point that this program will now be expanded to include other historical parks that are located throughout the country. The announcement followed the receipt of comments on the program that were made by other officials.…

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