Mhealth system from NZ to trial in Thailand

mobile health technology system

The Vibhavadi Hospital is about to pilot a program to test its effectiveness for its employees and patients. A recent announcement has just revealed that the mHealth +3 platform from Vensa Health will now be tested by the Vibhavadi Hospital in Bangkok as a part of a trial of the New Zealand company’s system which is supposed to be able to generate millions in annual savings through the considerable reduction in missed appointments. Patients will be able to use text messages in order to confirm appointments, making sure that there…

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Mhealth program in Thailand uses app to collect medical data


This application will provide health data to a hospital and university for better and more accurate understanding. Saraphi Hospital and Chiang Mai University (CMU) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, have developed an mhealth app that is designed to provide users with a survey that will allow those health organizations to gather and digitize medical data from the residents of the district. The application is called “Saraphi Health”, which is a central element of a three year project. The application and the mhealth project of which it is a critical element, receives…

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