Mobile gaming is about to change

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The mobile games field is beginning to evolve Mobile gaming is having a divisive effect on the game industry. Independent developers have found success by focusing on the mobile space, but this success has begun to attract larger development studios and publishers, many of whom are beginning to flood the market with low quality, yet expensive games. Older development studios have been avoiding the mobile space, with some considering mobile games to be a useless business model in their current form. For the people that play these games, the division…

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Mobile Technology and its Impact on Society

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Society is becoming more mobile-centric on a seemingly daily basis. Smartphones and tablets are playing bigger roles in people’s daily lives, and this is especially true as businesses and social organizations begin to become more mobile-centric themselves. The idea of mobility is quite attractive. In the past, people could only access the Internet and digital services from their desktop computers. Now, access to the digital world is everywhere and this constant connection has had a major impact on society as a whole. Because of a constant connection to the Internet,…

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Wearable technology and the balance between practicality and novelty

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Wearable devices tend to go from one extreme to another when it comes to entertainment and practicality As wearable devices become more common, the question of their practicality is beginning to become more urgent. The vast majority of these devices are being designed with entertainment in mind, meaning that they are more novelty than anything else. A scant few, however, serve a practical purpose, such as keeping track of health information or serving as productivity boosting tools. The real question is whether novelty or practicality will help wearable technology find…

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These QR Codes Will Last For Millions Of Years

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Stone tablets, cave drawings, and ancient scrolls are all we have left of many of the civilizations that came before us. Through these rudimentary mediums, our ancestors are able to speak directly to us–sharing their knowledge, their values, and details about their everyday lives. But not all tablets, pictographs, and scrolls survived. And each one that has been lost equates to information that we will never know. So how can we preserve our knowledge for those that come after us? Many of us erroneously entrust our histories to our computer…

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QR Code Startups Continue To Be Hot

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By now, everyone has seen a QR Code… those little square dots arranged in a seemingly haphazard pattern against a square white background–as they seem to be cropping up in some of the strangest places. Whether they’re on a real estate ad, a coffee cup, or splattered across the front of a t-shirt, the QR Code is gaining ground the globe over. And it is not surprising that start-up companies continue to form with the hopes of cashing in on this two-dimensional barcode’s versatility and popularity. While some detractors say…

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