Wearable technology: Worn by yesterday’s geeks and today’s trendsetters

augmented reality glasses wearable technology

It wasn’t that long ago – months, in fact – that people were rolling their eyes at Google Glass. It’s not hard to see that wearable technology is still leading the way in terms of tech trends and headlines, with every large event, convention, and trade show featuring these mobile devices above all else. Wristbands, smartwatches, glasses, helmets, gloves, and armbands, among other gadgets, abound. It feels as though every moment brings about a new entry into the wearable technology marketplace. However, these devices have not yet been created equal.…

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Are PCs Becoming Obsolete in Business?

old pc

As most people who work with computers know quite well, technology can change in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t that long ago when computers were giant monstrosities that took up most of a room; now we have compact desktop models, portable laptops and tablets that easily accept mobile payments. While PCs have been the go-to model for years for both business and personal use, it seems that they may soon become obsolete in favor of the much more on-the-go laptops and tablets. Thanks to the emerging cloud technology,…

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Technology news shakes up with Bill Gates statement against iPads

Microsoft mobile augmented reality

The creator of Microsoft has created quite a stir with his declaration that consumers are frustrated with the Apple product. According to one of the latest technology news statements made by Bill Gates, consumers are reaching the point that they are becoming quite frustrated with the iPad tablet device from Apple. Gates feels that there are many important functionalities that are lacking in the tablet. The creator of Microsoft, software pioneer and billionaire philanthropist said that the reason that tablet users are starting to lose their patience with the iPad…

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Technology news made with release of new smartphone survey

Technology news mobile survey

A study performed by BuyVia has revealed what people want from their device features. App and website, BuyVia, has just released the results of their latest survey, making considerable technology news headlines as the top features desired by consumers have now been identified. The survey identified three smartphone features that stood out above the rest as being highly desirable. This is very important technology news not only to the manufacturers of the devices – among whom competition has never been more fierce – but also for companies who are (or…

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Augmented reality glasses coming from UK’s TTP

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

*This image is of Google augmented reality glasses TTP aims to develop augmented reality glasses The United Kingdom’s TTP, a technology development company, has been working on creating its own augmented reality glasses. The concept of augmented reality glasses has become remarkably popular in the world of technology, with many companies hoping to create such a product themselves. The concept managed to grab the interest of consumers when Google announced Project Glass, an augmented reality glasses project that had once aimed to let people see the world in a new…

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