Target uses new mobile ad campaign to boost the success of its three day sale

Target Mobile Marketing

Target has launched its latest mobile ad campaign in order to draw greater attention to its three day sale and to provide its customers with an additional method for conveniently purchasing the must-have products for this year’s holiday season. The department store is running this campaign of mobile ads inside the iPhone app by Pandora. The sale itself began on December 8 and will run until December 10. According to mobile marketing consultant, Wilson Kerr, from Boston, by including a limited time offer in its marketing, Target has made an…

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The future of QR codes lies with young, tech-minded consumers

QR Code mobile commerce emographics

Advertisers have taken to using QR codes to reach a broad audience. According to a new study from comScore, a digital business analysis firm, the codes may only be reaching a select few. A growing number of businesses have begun adopting the codes under the belief that they will be able to reach more consumers. While their efforts have, thus far, been met with success, comScore notes that the future of the codes rests with a very specific demographic. The report shows that the codes are most likely to reach…

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