Microsoft Tags picked up by Scanbuy QR codes

Microsoft Tag bought by Scanbuy

Microsoft Tags falter beneath the reign of QR codes QR codes have been gaining popularity, but there are other types of codes that have fallen by the wayside in recent years. Microsoft had developed an alternative to QR codes in 2009, called Microsoft Tags. These Tags were quite similar to QR codes in that they could be scanned with a mobile device to reveal digital content. Unlike QR codes, however, the Tags featured a much more colorful style, utilizing vibrant triangles instead of the black and white squares that QR…

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Visual epitaph brings a new way to honor fallen soldiers

Grave Stone QR Codes

Memorial Day is a time to remember the sacrifices of those who have given their lives in service to the military. In the age of technology, remembering fallen soldiers has taken on a new dimension in the form of QR codes. The TransMedia Group, an independent public relations firm, believes that the codes can tell the story of that soldier’s life, becoming a sort of visual epitaph – or Tagitaph as TransMedia calls them. TransMedia believes that Microsoft Tags can play a role in honoring fallen servicemen and women as…

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thwapr…a new way to share

Thwapr Inc., a leading provider of social media sharing services, has announced that their service will now be compatible with QR codes. This will help companies that make use of the company’s platform enhance their marketing campaigns by adding codes linked to dynamic online content. QR codes and Microsoft Tags will be developed by Thwapr and then integrated into campaigns according to client’s specifications. “We are supporting QR codes as a way for marketers to reach customers and fans with branded content,” says Thwapr CEO, Bruce Goldstein. Thwaor is taking…

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