Tablets could lead smartphones in the mobile commerce sector

tablet mobile commerce

Tablets considered ideal for mobile commerce This year may become a major milestone for tablets when it comes to mobile commerce. More consumers are beginning to participate in online shopping and many of these people are favoring tablets over smartphones, according to a new report from BI Intelligence. The report highlights the growing attractiveness of mobile commerce and sheds some light on how this may affect retail in the future, especially as mobile devices become more available to a wider range of people. Tablets could lead smartphones in terms of…

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Mobile payments in 2017 will be worth $1.3 trillion

mobile payments trends

Prediction made based on the acceleration of NFC and the sale of physical goods over smartphones. According to the latest Juniper Research report, between now and 2017, the size of the mobile payments marketplace will expand almost four times over, to the point that it will reach over $1.3 trillion. The report is entitled “Mobile Payments Strategies: NFC, Remote Purchases & Money Transfer 2012-2017”. The data included in the report suggested that the growth in the mobile payments industry would be driven primarily from the sale of physical products purchased…

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Nexus 7 could bring more competition to the tablet market

Nexus 7

Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet Google recently unveiled its new mini-tablet devices called the Nexus 7. With the announcement of the new product, Google is taking its first official steps into the arena of tablet computing. For years, the tablet market has been dominated by Apple and its famous iPad device. The iPad has been able to hold the majority share of the market due to its innovative features, many of which have proven popular amongst consumers. Without competition, Apple may have grown lazy in its efforts to remain at…

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Amazon’s play in the tablet market

Amazon mobile commerce did a good job of creating a new Kindle e-reader that is affordably priced; so affordable, that the new Kindle is out selling the leading Kindle, and the 3G and WiFi model e-readers. By using advertisements on their new e-reader, they were able to finance a newer, more affordable Kindle. Now, can they do the same with an Android based tablet? By using tasteful ad displays, small banners and screen-saver type advertisements, Amazon could create a new product that was less expensive. By strategically placing the ads, Amazon was…

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Next wave of tablets make way for the code generation

The next generation of tablets may fan the flames of the QR revolution. The new iPad 2, Xoom and Tab will feature forward facing cameras, something that their predecessors lacked. The tablets come with an array of other exciting features, but it is the camera that will enable them to interact with content using QR codes. The new tablets will offer a much more robust user experience as well, particularly increasing the value of print media. It has been said that tablets, as well as other mobile devices, are contributing…

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