Mobile Google search traffic makes up 57 percent of total queries

Mobile Google search traffic

Recent research has shown that more people than ever are using smartphones and tablets for searching. Mobile Google search traffic is now comprising a tremendous 57 percent of all online searches, according to BrightEdge, a content performance marketing company. This has placed mobile site traffic ahead of traditional desktop sites. The study also determined that the types of searches conducted over mobile and desktop aren’t the same. In fact, it determined that 79 percent of searches were different between desktop and mobile Google search traffic. According to the BrightEdge report…

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Microsoft redesigns its Bing page for mobile technology

bing qr code scanner mobile optimized search microsoft

The search site for smartphones and tablets now has a much more sleek and attractive appearance. Microsoft has now launched a brand new redesign of its Bing search engine site for mobile technology that is meant to reflect the attractive visual appearance of the version that had been created for desktop. The tech giant recreated the look of its smartphone friendly version in order to add similar imagery. The Bing homepage for mobile technology has now been recreated by Microsoft so that it has the same treatment as the desktop…

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Mobile commerce is made up of frequent searches

Mobile commerce Trends

Consumers aren’t just looking into products, services, and companies while they’re on the go. The results of a recent research study conducted by Nielsen and Google Inc. regarding the ways in which smartphone searchers use their devices in terms of mobile commerce have just been released. They found that purchases are often made relatively soon after a search has been made. The study determined that 55 percent of mobile commerce searches that lead to a sale convert within an hour from the time that the searching was performed. Google and…

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