enters into tablet commerce collab with Baidu

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The American online marketplace is working with the Chinese company for Fire sales in China. has now joined forces with the top search company in China, Baidu, in order to be able to enhance its tablet commerce by releasing its Fire device to the Chinese consumer marketplace. This tablet contains a range of different features designed to let it stand out from other similar devices. The tablet commerce offerings from Amazon have been carefully designed to set the Fire apart from other devices within the same category. For example,…

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Tablet trends no longer show skyrocketing growth

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These mobile devices still represent a very healthy market, but the growth is stalling out quite a bit. While there is no mistake that tablet trends are showing that the market for these devices is still quite healthy and isn’t showing any signs of future illness, what has become clear through the most recent data released by the International Data Corporation (IDC), is that the growth of this market has slowed significantly with the market’s maturity. The IDC has now “scaled back its five year forecast for the product category”…

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Mobile commerce is more active among tablet users than those with smartphones

Tablet Commerce

Shoppers behave differently when making their holiday purchases, depending on their devices. According to a report from the National Retail Federation, which discussed the role of mobile commerce in this year’s holiday shopping season, although the increase in sales is expected to reach 4.1 percent over last year at the same time, it is believed that smartphones and tablets will represent a larger part of the buying marketplace than it has in the past. The research also showed that 30 percent of tablet owners would be using their devices to…

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