Tablet commerce success will be a global phenomenon

tablet mobile commerce survey

A new report has shown that the use of tablets with broadband subscriptions will skyrocket over coming years. According to the Wireless Operator Strategies (WOS) service report, which was recently released by Strategy Analytics, the tablet commerce world is about to experience an explosive amount of growth that will be continuing over the next five years. These mobile devices will massively increase in use with broadband subscriptions during that time. The report indicated that tablet commerce will be very important in mobile broadband subscriptions both in 3G and 4G LTE.…

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Tablet commerce is becoming a beloved shopping experience

Tablet Commerce

Consumers not only prefer these devices but are using them entirely differently than their smartphones. Though consumer behavior over smartphone and tablet commerce has already started to be seen as quite different when it comes to the way that they use the devices for retail shopping, recent statistics are starting to provide greater insight into those differences. People who use the larger of the two small screens have very distinct shopping behaviors. When it comes to tablet commerce, BI Intelligence has reported that users are more likely to do a…

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Mcommerce adoption is faster in the East than the West

Global mobile technology trends network

This, according to a global survey performed by Rakuten. Rakuten has released the results of its worldwide research, which has indicated that consumers in the countries located in the far east have a far greater likelihood than western countries to take part in mcommerce. The survey identified trends primarily throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. It discovered that 13 percent of consumers in Thailand and 15 percent of those from Indonesia will not hesitate to use their smartphones or tablets to make the purchase of a product or service. Comparatively,…

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