CEOs dive into social media marketing brawl over Super Bowl ads

social media marketing fight battle twitter

The chief execs of T-Mobile and Sprint entered into a public battle of tweets over their respective commercials. During the Super Bowl, the CEOs of both T-Mobile and Sprint openly and publicly brawled with each other in a social media marketing battle that raged on over their respective television commercials. The first shot was made by the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, with a tweet following Sprint’s ad. Legere was quick to tweet “Half-assed commercial, half-assed data speeds. #typical @sprint. #SprintLikeHell.” At the time, he was using social media marketing…

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Mobile devices can be traded in at Sprint and T-Mobile

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Both companies are battling for consumer favor as they offer $300 discounts on handset purchases. Sprint has jumped into direct competition in their marketing campaign that allows consumers to bring their old mobile devices in order to obtain a significant discount on purchasing new ones with them. The company has guaranteed to meet or beat all trade in values offered by its competitors. Not too long beforehand, T-Mobile had made the same type of guarantee for trade ins of mobile devices. In Sprint’s deal, effective right away, consumers are able…

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Mobile consumers may be losing out on millions because of fees

Mobile Consumers

Report finds that mobile consumers are being taken advantage of in the US Consumers in the U.S. may have been paying hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal charges that have been issued by various sources that offer questionable services and content. The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee has released a report highlighting these fees and the financial pressure they have introduced to consumers throughout the country. The report notes that these illegal fees typically originate from small companies that charge fees for ringtones and news updates. Large mobile service providers…

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Mobile payments firm is rebranding itself to create distance from extremist group

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

Isis set to launch a rebrand in order to distance itself from controversial group in the Middle East Mobile payments firm Isis is launching a rebrand to distance itself from an extremist group that has emerged in the Middle East. The group is now known as the Islamic State, but had previously called itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. Searching for the terms “isis” online yields numerous reports concerning the actions of the extremist group as well as the website for the mobile payments firm. New…

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Mobile carrier, T-Mobile USA being sued by US

T-Mobile mobile network carrier Technology News

American authorities have filed a complaint alleging that the company has been adding unauthorized charges to bills. The mobile carrier giant, T-Mobile USA has had a complaint filed against it by the United States with an accusation that the service provider has been charging customers millions of dollars in added unauthorized charges. The authorities are accusing the company of a billing practice which is better known as “cramming”. The charges in question that were being added by the mobile carrier to the bills it has been sending to its customers…

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