Mobile security issues continue to plague Android devices

mobile security Android apps

Symantec’s latest report has shown that malware writers are continuing to focus on at operating system. New data that has been released by Symantec has confirmed that mobile security is continuing to be an issue for Android device users above all others as malware writers continue to prefer that operating system over any other smartphone platform. This helps to illustrate how important it is to take precautions particularly with an Android based device. According to the publication from Symantec, “The report is based on data from the Symantec Global Intelligence…

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Mobile security provided by a simple password is vital in case of loss

Mobile Security threats

A recent study has shown that the odds of having a lost smartphone returned is only about 50/50. According to a recent mobile security experiment that was conducted in six different cities in Canada, the chances that a lost smartphone will be returned to its owner once it has been found by someone else are about 50/50. That said, the chances that lost mobile devices will be probed by finders are nearly 100 percent. Symantec, the massive online and mobile security software company, deliberately dropped 10 smartphones in Toronto, Vancouver,…

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Google’s augmented reality glasses have more to fear than just QR codes

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Symantec claims QR codes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hacking Glass Earlier this week, Lookout Media released a report suggesting that Google’s ambitious augmented reality glasses, called Glass, could be hacked using nothing more than simple QR codes. This particular vulnerability has since been rectified by Google with the help of Lookout Media, but QR codes are not the only thing that represents a risk to Glass. Leading security firm Symantec has announced that Google’s Glass is susceptible to attacks that are not based…

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NFC protocols could be causing mobile security problems

Mobile Security

NFC technology itself may not be the problem Mobile security has been a cause for concern for as long as mobile technology has existed. While some consumers and organizations have been more vocal with this concern than others, many agree that mobile security is beginning to become a dire issue. Hacking has recently become an idealized practice, with many hackers being likened to modern day Robin Hoods. NFC technology has become a prominent subject in the world of mobile security. Symantec, the world’s largest computer security corporation, has been keeping…

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World’s first QR protection application coming from Symantec

QR code Scanner App

There can be no doubt that QR codes are becoming vastly popular. Both businesses and individuals are finding uses for the codes that range from expansive marketing campaigns to personal branding. The codes are not only grabbing the attention of tech-savvy companies and consumers, however, they are also attracting the notice of people looking to exploit their rampant popularity. The number of malicious QR codes is growing and most mobile consumers are entirely exposed to the risk such codes present. Symantec, a renowned security firm, has created the world’s first…

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