Super Bowl mobile marketing experiment falls flat, despite massive amounts of money from advertisers

QR Code Marketing

The 2012 Super Bowl has come and gone and while the show turned out to be a major success – as is the norm – the NFL’s somewhat ambitious mobile marketing experiment was not as popular with viewers as had been hoped. The yearly game is a major event for football fans, but it is also an opportunity for marketers to reach a huge number of people. Given the growing popularity of mobile marketing, advertisers had expected that QR codes would be well received. This was not the case, however,…

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Super Bowl advertisers use QR codes in commercials

QR Code used in commercials

During this Sunday’s airing of the 46th Super Bowl some advertisers will be using QR codes in the commercial that will be played to help reach consumers on a deeper level. For example, Go Daddy will be showing an ad that is 30 seconds long and will star Danica Patrick, the auto racing driver, as well as a lineup of the Pussycat Dolls pop girl group, who will be accompanied by a QR code that will be displayed onscreen. These advertisers are hoping to take advantage of what many people…

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Big turn out for Super Bowl predicted in icy conditions: QR codes help

As the Super Bowl draws near, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is preparing an initiative to make driving safer. The department is expecting ice on roadways throughout southeast Texas and are currently monitoring more than 1,000 bridges to watch for forming ice. Maintenance Director, Jack Moser, says that de-icing measures cannot be started because the materials will be pushed away by motorists before the ice hits. Because the TxDOT can’t be everywhere at once, they are lauching a new campaign to help get people home safely using QR codes.…

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