QR codes make school library fun

QR Codes Used in poetry and books

Students attending Northeast Elementary can scan codes to listen to book summaries Students attending Northeast Elementary School can now scan QR codes to build a better connection with their library, and experience the fun behind some of its services. The mobile program encourages barcode scanning to learn more about available books. The QR codes that are placed on the books in the library give the kids the chance to scan and then listen to information about what is found within its pages. The fifth grade students have been tasked with…

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QR codes can help to measure event attendance rates

Eastern Michigan University QR Codes

Quick response barcode readers will soon be used at Eastern Michigan University. Eastern Michigan University has announced that it will soon be implementing a system of readers for QR codes in many of its different campus departments. This system is designed to help gain a better understanding of student attendance at various campus venues. Associate provost and associate vice president for academic programming and services for the university, Rhonda Longworth, explained that this will provide an important measure of where students are travelling and what services they are using. She…

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QR codes posted on CATA bus stops to will help commuters

QR codes at bus stops

Students with smartphones will have greater access to information. With the approach of the start of the fall semester, the Center Area Transportation Authority in Pennsylvania, has announced that it is making several mobile commerce efforts, including the use of QR codes displayed at bus stops. This is only one of several new mobile commerce features being launched by CATA. Riders can use the QR codes that have been added to the signage at the bus stops on the busiest CATA routes by scanning them with any smartphone. This will…

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QR codes as learning tools

qr codes used in classrooms

Mobile barcodes are moving beyond marketing and into the classroom. QR codes have been taking off throughout the mobile marketing world, but now they are beginning to find a new home in education as well. The barcodes are proving useful in a number of ways beyond the obvious communication with consumers. Previous uses for QR codes have included a number of highly popular campaigns, such as their use at Starbucks, as well as on billboards and product packaging. Now that consumers are beginning to become more familiar with what they…

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