Stripe rolls out tap mobile payments for NFC-enabled Android devices

Mobile payments - tap payments

The service, already available for Apple device users since last year, is now widening its reach. Stripe has announced that it is expanding its Tap to Pay mobile payments feature to Android devices that are enabled with near field communication (NFC) technology. The financial services company was the first company to become a Tap to Pay partner with Apple. The partnership between Apple and Stripe made it possible for any NFC enabled Apple device – from the iPhone to the Apple Watch – into a device that can be used…

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M-commerce is getting easier through new Stripe tools

M-Commerce A Shaky Start

The design of these new features is meant to make smartphone based shopping much simpler. While shopping online isn’t anything new, the popularity of smartphones has been changing the game, as m-commerce makes it possible to shop whenever and wherever the consumer might be at the time. However, at the same time, actual purchases made over smartphones aren’t climbing as fast as the rate of shopping. Many consumers use m-commerce to shop for items by comparing prices, looking at products, reading reviews and checking store inventories. However, when it comes…

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A Change of Pace: Four Online Payment Alternatives to Paypal

Mobile and online payment alternatives… Americans spent more than $2.25 billion online on the two shopping days known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone, according to ComScore. The market analysis company also found Americans spent $43.2 billion total online in Q2 2012. These numbers were music to the cyber-ears of electronic payment processor Paypal, one of the more popular payment processors on the web. But there are many people out there who simply dislike Paypal because of its success, its policies, or both. Thankfully there are several alternatives merchants and…

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