Mobile marketing has great potential to reach Android users


Users of devices based on this operating system are greatly engaged by their smartphones. In line with the data that was just released through the AppOptox platform of Strategy Analytics, which showed that users of Android smartphones are quite engaged with their devices and spend a great deal of time using them, mobile marketing firms are discovering that this time – because there is quite a bit of it – provides them with an increased potential to reach consumers in a meaningful way. The data has suggested that in May…

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Tablet commerce success will be a global phenomenon

tablet mobile commerce survey

A new report has shown that the use of tablets with broadband subscriptions will skyrocket over coming years. According to the Wireless Operator Strategies (WOS) service report, which was recently released by Strategy Analytics, the tablet commerce world is about to experience an explosive amount of growth that will be continuing over the next five years. These mobile devices will massively increase in use with broadband subscriptions during that time. The report indicated that tablet commerce will be very important in mobile broadband subscriptions both in 3G and 4G LTE.…

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Smartwatches are primarily based on Android

smartwatches wearable technology

The operating system has managed to grab an early dominance of the wearable technology market. Strategy Analytics has now released the results of its recent research which has shown that in terms of the global shipments of smartwatches that occurred throughout 2013, it was easily Android that took the dominant position for operating systems. In that year, there were a record almost 2 million units of this wearable technology that were shipped. Among those mobile devices, Android took hold of a massive 61 percent share of their operating systems. This…

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Apple iOS loses more market share to Android

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

According to Strategy Analytics, while Apple continues to hold 58 percent of the market, Android, the operating system by Google, has moved in significantly on territory formerly held by iOS, and now has a global share of 39 percent. An important part of this movement has been credited to tablets, as Google tablets took an additional 10 percent of the market between the last quarters of 2010 and 2011, while Apple’s hold on that market fell by a smaller amount. Some of Google’s ability to take a larger chunk out…

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