Starbucks mobile payments make up 1 in 4 transactions

starbucks mobile payments

One quarter of all purchases made at the coffee chain are completed through the use of smartphones. Starbucks mobile payments currently compose 25 percent of transactions made with the café giant. This figure takes into account the purchases made across the United States. It does not represent the statistics from other Starbucks locations around the globe. The Mobile Order and Pay transactions had made up a considerable 6 percent of the total. In September, that figure for Mobile Order and Pay transactions rose to 7 percent. This helps to further…

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Mobile commerce strategy launched by Starbucks across the UK

starbucks mobile payments app

The coffee chain is starting a “click and collect” service throughout the United Kingdom. Starbucks, a company already known for its massive successes with smartphone based payments, has now announced that it is launching a mobile commerce program that will allow its users to “click and collect” their coffees in the U.K. It also revealed that it would be bringing in new powermats to all of its locations throughout the U.K. The company stated that its customers will be able to benefit from the fastest WiFi speeds that are available…

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