Starbucks to end partnership with leading mobile payments firm

Starbucks Mobile Payments App

Starbucks and Square will no longer be working together in the mobile commerce space Starbucks has become a major leader in the mobile payments space. The company has managed to find success in the mobile market with the help of Square, a mobile commerce specialist. The two companies first began working with one another in 2012, when Starbucks began using the mobile payment services offered by Square. While the two companies have managed to find success in working with one another, their partnership is set to come to an end.…

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Starbucks mobile payments are breaking up with Square

Starbucks mobile payments popularity

The relationship started in 2012, but comments from both companies have indicated that the partnership is ending. The mobile payments partnership that brought Square to Starbucks back in 2012 has now been announced to be coming to an end, according to statements that have been released by both of those companies. This has been only one of the changes that have occurred since Square announced the retirement of its Wallet. When the Square Wallet app was first launched, Starbucks became a key partner in its efforts to encourage adoption. The…

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The mobile payments revolution is stalling

Mobile Payments trends

Mobile commerce proves to be a difficult market to understand Mobile commerce may be growing more popular, but mobile money has yet to become revolutionary. Over the past few years, society has become more reliant on mobile technology. People around the world are using their mobile devices more frequently in their daily lives, using these devices to communicate, access the Internet, and shop online. While mobile shopping is gaining ground with people throughout the world, mobile payments have yet to become the revolution that many people believe it is. Consumers…

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Mobile payments through Square Wallet include gift cards

Square Inc. mobile payments nfc technology

The smartphone friendly transaction system is now adding a new electronic funds source. Square has just announced that its Wallet app has been updated for both iOS and Android devices in order to be able to allow its users to make mobile payments through gift cards, in addition to the other funding methods available. Users are able to send the gift cards directly through Square from their e-receipt. As soon as a Square customer receives the electronic receipt from a merchant that accepts this brand of mobile payments, he or…

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Mobile payments from Square slowing down at Starbucks

Starbucks Mobile Payments

The smartphone wallet program is not growing at the same rate that it had once enjoyed. According to the latest reports that have been published, the mobile payments system from Square is starting to lose steam at the massive Starbucks coffee chain, which has always been recognized for considerable smartphone transaction successes. There appear to be some issues that are getting in the way of usage of the transactions. Among the primary reported struggles for this mobile payments program is that baristas at Starbucks are struggling to complete some of…

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