Intuit announces acquisition of AisleBuyer to boost its mobile commerce offerings


In mobile commerce news today… Intuit has just announced on its Twitter account that it has acquired the startup company called AisleBuyer, which provides a service that allows consumers to order the products that they want directly from the merchant, instead of having to wait in lines at the store. AisleBuyer has since confirmed the acquisition on its blog, though neither company has disclosed the terms of the deal. It has been estimated that the purchase was for around $100 million. According to a the blog post, made by Andrew…

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Richard Branson backs Square mobile payment startup

Richard Branson

Mobile payment startup, Square, which is recognized for its board of directors that features big names such as Lawrence Summers, the former U.S. Treasury Secretary, now has another notable supporting its cause: Virgin’s Richard Branson, the U.K. billionaire. According to a spokesperson from Square, Branson has added his support by making what is being called a “multimillion” dollar investment into the company. The actual amount of this investment has yet to be disclosed. This is not an entirely new experience for Square, is it had previously received an investment of…

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