Spammers take aim at mobile phone users

Mobile Commerce

Spamming techniques under a watchful eye. Text messages have become the latest target for marketers who use spamming techniques to reach a broad audience in a similar way to that which has already been filling email junk folders for many years. According to Ferris Research, in 2011, it is estimated that American consumers received approximately 4.5 billion texts with spam ads. This was more than twice the number that was received in 2009, when there were an estimated 2.2 billion spam texts. Though the problem has not yet grown to…

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Websense discovers malicious QR codes embedded in spam emails

QR Code Security

As QR codes grow in popularity with consumers, malicious codes are becoming much more common. These codes seem unassuming at first glance. Indeed, it is impossible to tell the difference between a legitimate QR code and one linked to harmful content with the naked eye. Even tech-savvy consumers have been having trouble discerning the true nature of some codes. The Websense ThreatSeeker Network, one of the world’s most advance web security networks from Websense Web Security, has found a number of new malicious QR codes that are being sent to…

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