Mobile commerce transactions are highest in Japan

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The second quarter figures for 2016 showed that the country had nearly 55 percent conversion rates. Criteo recently released its figures regarding mobile commerce transactions in Q2 2016. They revealed that the conversion rates for m-commerce were highest in Japan, the United Kingdom and South Korea. The performance marketing technology firm underscored that the top spot was held by Japan. These results were compiled after analyzing 1.7 billion transactions from both desktop and mobile sites. The analysis involved annual sales totals worth $720 billion. It involved the figures from more…

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Impulse is driving mobile commerce in South Korea

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Impulse buying is becoming a major force for those living in South Korea Consulting firm McKinsey has released a report that shows that impulse is driving participation in mobile commerce in South Korea. The report notes that the country’s mobile commerce market has doubled in value every year since 2010. Now, mobile accounts for nearly one-third of all online sales made in the country, making South Korea one of the most attractive mobile markets in the world. The report also notes that consumers are making mobile purchases based on impulse…

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Naver to launch mobile payments service in South Korea

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New mobile payments service will be launching in South Korea this year Naver, the leading web portal operator in South Korea, has plans to launch its own mobile payments service in June of this year. The company has seen a great deal of promise in the mobile space, with this perspective coming from its subsidiary Line, a leading messaging service based in Japan. Naver notes that 30% of keyword searchers have to do with shopping, and many of these searches are coming from mobile devices. Naver Pay will allow consumers…

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Mobile commerce market is showing healthy signs of life in Asia

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Mobile apps are beginning to embrace the concept of processing mobile payments Mobile commerce is heating up throughout Asia. People are adopting smartphones and tablets at a rapid rate and they are beginning to demand more mobile-centric services from the companies that they support. These companies are answering this demand by introducing new features to their well used mobile applications. A growing number of mobile apps, that had once been little more than social media tools, are now becoming mobile commerce platforms. KakaoTalk is planning to facilitate mobile payments beginning…

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M-commerce channel led by China and South Korea

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The Asia Pacific marketplace is leading the entire world in its smartphone shopping. According to a recent report, the importance of m-commerce is steadily growing across the Asia Pacific region, to the point that the world is being led by that part of the globe in smartphone shopping. The report was based on a study that examined the way countries in that area use the channel. It determined that 55 percent of online shoppers in China had already made at least one purchase over m-commerce during the last quarter of…

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