Mobile commerce is growing in South Africa

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Survey shows that consumers are participating in mobile commerce more readily in South Africa South Africa may be on the verge of a commerce boom powered by the mobile sector, according to a new survey from Ipsos. The country has become home to a thriving mobile commerce market, where the growing number of mobile shoppers have begun to have a major impact on the retail industry. The survey shows that consumers are becoming more interested in shopping online, both from personal computers and from their mobile devices. Consumers are using…

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Absa partners with Vodacom to advance the spread of mobile commerce

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Absa, the largest retail bank of South Africa, have partnered with Vodacom, a pan-African mobile telecommunications company, in order to expand the reach of mobile commerce. Together, both companies will develop the mobile banking and payment services available to South Africans as well as introduce several new services to the market. Officials from both companies hope that the project will provide consumers with increased convenience when making purchases. Their efforts will expand into surrounding African countries that may benefit from increased focus in mobile commerce. The concept of mobile commerce…

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The film industry is diving into cutting edge marketing

Mobile Commerce Film Industry

Just as ever-improving technology is being used to create films, so is it being used to market them, through innovative advertising campaigns using digital and social media that have been designed to fill the seats in the theaters. The film industry has found itself needing to be creative in order to compensate for the impact of pirating and other circumstances on their ticket sales. It has therefore formed some interesting new campaigns designed to rebuild the drive to head out to the movies. The film industry in South Africa has…

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