Sony brings NFC technology to SmartWatch 2

NFC technology Smart Watch Augmented Reality

SmartWatch 2 equipped with NFC technology Amid a tide of rumors suggesting Apple’s interest in developing wearable technology and Google’s plans to launch augmented reality glasses, Japanese technology giant Sony has made a surprising move. Sony has unveiled its SmartWatch 2, which it hopes will revolutionize the mobile market and have a major impact on consumers that are interested in wearable technology. Notably, the SmartWatch 2 is equipped with NFC technology, which significantly expands its potential uses over those of its eventual competitors. NFC could open many doors for wearable…

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Sony’s new Xperia sola smart phone will feature NFC technology

Xperia sola smart phone

Sony has revealed their next smart phone called the Xperia sola. The acclaimed technology company has been keeping an eye on the emerging trends in the world of mobility, namely the rising demand for NFC-enabled devices. Other companies have already begun work on such devices – Nokia being among the first to launch NFC-enabled smart phones in the commercial market. In an effort to meet demand and establish its hold on its share of the NFC market, Sony’s Xperia sola will feature NFC technology. Sony developed the smart phone with…

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Sony has a plan to help people conserve electricity with the use of NFC technology

Sony wearable tech NFC technology

Energy consumption is becoming a significant concern as more people see the cost of their use of electricity rise. The world of energy may be in a state of transition, but continued reliance on fossil-fuels is beginning to become a costly burden for consumers. Alternative energy companies are quick to herald the imminent rise of renewable fuel for commercial use, but consumers have yet to see these claims come to fruition. Acclaimed Japanese technology company Sony may have come up with a way to help people save some money while…

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