Sony Mobile to slash 1,000 jobs in Sweden

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A recent report has revealed that the company will be reducing the positions in its Southern Swedish unit. According to reports on Swedish Radio, Sony Mobile Communications has now announced that it will be reducing its workforce by 1,000 positions in its unit in the southern part of the country. Staff members at the southern Sweden location of the company were told at a meeting on Monday. The job cuts at Sony Mobile will be impacting the consultants and employees at the Lund unit. The layoffs are going to represent…

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Isis receives support from the top cell phone manufacturers

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Isis near field communication (NFC) and technology standards have received confirmation that they will be implemented by LG, HTC, RIM, Motorola Mobility, Sony Ericsson, Samsung Mobile, and DeviceFidelity (manufacturer of MicroSD devices). Isis is a joint venture among T-Mobile USA, AT&T Mobility, and Verizon Wireless, to offer consumers who use smartphones the opportunity to use their mobile devices to make payments using those handsets. Moreover, Isis has announced that individuals who purchase smartphones (or who already own them) which have not been NFC enabled will soon be able to add…

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Sony Ericsson joins troupe of tech giants in adopting NFC technology

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The field of NFC is becoming more crowded as Sony Ericsson announces that it will be taking up the cause of near field communications. The tech behemoth will be joining Google, AT&T and Nokia in developing NFC-enabled smart phones that will be released later in the year. The NFC industry is still quite young, but these companies have been laboring to promote the technology they are sure will be the next big thing. Sony Ericsson’s plans were unveiled via the Times of India publication, in which Steve Walker, global head…

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