appMobi introduces its in-app social game, purchasing, and analytics product, playMobi

Mobile apps payments

appMobi has announced the release of playMobi which is available to the public in its beta version and is a cross-platform game development, deployment, and monetization software development kit (SDK) based on HTML5. Through this new product, game developers using HTML5 are given a sleek JavaScript API solution for many of the challenges that they currently face, such as in-game payments, user authentication, scoring and leader board management, and social player engagement. At the very heart of playMobi, is a TapJ-style foundation, which was the HTML5 game social network category…

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The impact of social connectivity on video games

Social Video Gaming

The extreme popularity of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, has led the developers of video games to want to integrate them into their titles. The 3.10 version of Sony’s firmware was the first example of this movement in action, allowing PSN users to link with Facebook in order to share details such as purchase information and trophies that have been earned. This goal of permitting sharing has been maintained and is becoming more obvious in the industry as of late. Especially with the upcoming release of…

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