New analytic platform for QR codes and other mobile barcodes could become a useful tool for small businesses

QR Code Statistics

Codeascope, a new mobile barcode startup, has announced the launch of its first analytics and management platform. The platform allows users to create a variety of barcode and other datamatrix tags. The creators of the platform have put emphasis on QR codes, as they are becoming quite popular in the marketing world. The thing that sets Codeascope apart from other analytic and management tools is that it is completely free, allowing users from all walks of life and industry to make use of QR codes and track their performance. Since…

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Google+ will likely be unaffected by new privacy features by Facebook


Though Facebook’s members will certainly be pleased with the increase in the number of privacy controls that have now been made available to them by the social networking platform, most experts are agreeing that this likely won’t have any direct effect on the popularity of Google+. At the very heart of the social network run by Google is the ability of its users to have a direct control over who will be able to see the various elements of their profiles. The “social circles” feature of Google+ allows users to…

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Social networking may dictate the outcome of the next presidential election

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of society. What was once considered nothing more than a fad that could placate the need for self expression is now a veritable promotional platform for anyone looking for attention on the Internet. This became abundantly clear in the presidential race leading up to the 2008 election. The election showed the power of social media – something candidates for the upcoming presidential election will not overlook. Barack Obama may have set the bar quite high for those looking to take over the presidency.…

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Some experts think rules for mobile privacy should wait

Mobile Privacy News

Congress recently examined the results of the TRUSTe mobile privacy survey in order to consider the kinds of privacy protection rules that should be implemented in the mobile marketplace, but some experts believe that there shouldn’t be a rush to create these regulations. The survey was quoted by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the Senate Judiciary chairman, when he opened the Judiciary mobile privacy hearing. It was further used as Senate Commerce Subcommittee testimony with regards to “Protection and Privacy in the Mobile Marketplace”. Among the more notable points that were…

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