Social media marketing myths present sales barrier to indie authors

7 Branding Trends to Lookout for in 2021

Inaccurate beliefs are holding back the ability of certain writers to be able to improve their book sales. It has been broadly accepted among indie authors that social media marketing is among the most affordable and effective channels that they can use to be able to reach their readers and promote their latest (and previous) books, but the problem is that there is false information circulating that is reducing the results that many among this community are seeing. Advertising over social media can reach consumers over desktop and mobile platforms,…

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Social media marketing study reveals paid social represents under 10 percent of total spend

Social Media Marketing on Pinterest

Paid social is not taking up a very large percentage of the complete amount being spent by marketers. The results of an eMarketer study have now been revealed and they have shown that among the vast majority of participants in the research, a maximum of 10 percent of a total marketing budget was being spent on paid social media marketing. This study was conducted by STRATA, which is a media software company. It was determined that among 92 percent of the respondents who took part in this social media marketing…

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Social media marketing continues to be led by women

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to sharing on Facebook, Pinterst, and Integram, female users lead the way. According to the latest data gathered by Pew Research Center’s American Life Project, woman are, by far, the leaders in social media marketing participation, which could mean that marketers may be focusing their mobile and online campaigns even more specifically in their direction. The recent survey by Pew has shown that women use these networking sites far more than men. The data indicated that while both men and women are using social networks, it is…

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