Social media marketing study reveals paid social represents under 10 percent of total spend

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Paid social is not taking up a very large percentage of the complete amount being spent by marketers. The results of an eMarketer study have now been revealed and they have shown that among the vast majority of participants in the research, a maximum of 10 percent of a total marketing budget was being spent on paid social media marketing. This study was conducted by STRATA, which is a media software company. It was determined that among 92 percent of the respondents who took part in this social media marketing…

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Social media marketing could be reaching the saturation point

Social Media Marketing

A new Mindshare report has suggested that within the next two years, this channel may present challenges. A new industry forecast has just been released by Mindshare, which has revealed that over the next two years, it is likely that advertisers and marketers will find that they are challenged by saturation in the area of social media marketing. This is being predicted as a tremendous amount of consumer data is suddenly being produced in digital media. The prediction stated that as mobile becomes one of the leading areas through which…

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