Satmetrix Net Promoter Benchmark Study identifies online businesses with best customer loyalty

Online Shopping Statistics

The Satmetrix software company and top customer experience program company from the Net Promoter has now issued its 2012 Net Promoter Industry Benchmark reports that examined 22 different industry sectors including online businesses. Over 200 brands were rated by more than 30,000 consumers in the United States. Among those that stood out as superior to their competition were Apple and The report was based on the results of this survey, which included the participation of individuals across the country in terms of their experiences with the brands that they…

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SheSpeaks survey shows product satisfaction is most important for marketing to moms

Social Media Marketing to Moms

The results of a survey performed by SheSpeaks have been released in a white paper by that company and Mom-entum that shows that the most important element in marketing to moms is a high quality effective product. Moms are a primary target market for thousands of companies across the country and around the world. In the United States alone, brands focus billions of marketing dollars directly at mom customers. From coupons to commercials and from product samples to full social media campaigns, moms always have the attention of companies selling…

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Marketing Trends Turn to Social Media as a Critical Tool

Social commerce Media Marketing

Social media’s presence throughout the personal and professional online world has allowed it to rapidly become a foundation tool for marketing campaigns among companies ranging from independent entrepreneurs and small businesses to large multinational corporations. This is the result of the popularity and ever-present nature of social media, as well as the fact that among users of these platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – 75 percent have viewed or connected their profiles with company pages, and 69 percent follow status updates and blogs. The methods of social…

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