Social media marketing lessons abound from the Oscars selfie

social media marketing oscars 2014 selfie

The Samsung image of Ellen DeGeneres and other top movie celebrities has been seen by virtually everyone. The number of shares, likes, and retweets of the selfie picture of Ellen DeGeneres and other celebrated movie stars was so great that you could practically hear the clicks the computer mouse and the taps of the touchscreens, and marketers are now hoping to learn vital lessons about this social media marketing success so that they can apply it to their own campaigns. Samsung purchased five and a half minutes of Academy Awards…

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Social media marketing finds its place at the Sochi Olympics

social media marketing at the olympics

Olympians and sponsors have been using Facebook and Twitter more than in any previous games. Though the social media marketing efforts of big brands may have faced some massive struggles before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi were able to get started, the top networks have still been heavily employed by the athletes and the sponsors now that the games are nearing a close. In fact, the trends have turned around as many have used their accounts to great benefit. Beyond the record breaking number of Tweets and Facebook posts…

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Social media marketing battle breaks out between Martha Stewart and Apple

martha stewart social media marketing

After making a few comments about breaking her iPad screen the domestic diva brought on the wrath of the tech giant. At the end of last week, a social media marketing battle broke out over Twitter between Apple and Martha Stewart, when the woman’s iPad was dropped and the screen was cracked. Stewart posted a few snide comments about how the repair service should function, incensing Apple corporate. The story began when Martha Stewart had her iPad fall out of her car, causing the screen to crack at the area…

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Social media marketing continues to be led by women

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to sharing on Facebook, Pinterst, and Integram, female users lead the way. According to the latest data gathered by Pew Research Center’s American Life Project, woman are, by far, the leaders in social media marketing participation, which could mean that marketers may be focusing their mobile and online campaigns even more specifically in their direction. The recent survey by Pew has shown that women use these networking sites far more than men. The data indicated that while both men and women are using social networks, it is…

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