Facebook privacy fail brings apology from Zuckerberg

Facebook Privacy - Zuckerberg Appologies - Facebook scandal

Mark Zuckerberg spoke before a House oversight panel on Wednesday, seeing regulation as “inevitable.” Mark Zuckerberg spoke to a House oversight panel on the subject of Facebook privacy. He stated that he saw regulation of the social media industry as “inevitable.” He also revealed that his own data was among the personal information sold to malicious third parties through Facebook’s previous privacy loopholes. Zuckerberg spoke as a part of his testimony to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “The internet is growing in importance around the world in people’s lives…

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Mobile start-up companies draw big bucks

Mobile Commerce Industry

Though the economy is still struggling and it becomes increasingly likely that another recession is on its way, start-ups for mobile and social are popping up above the crowd and are receiving the funding they need to continue onward and upward, turning innovative new concepts into the latest in cutting edge technologies. Quid, a business intelligence software company, has data that indicates that since the start of 2011, there have been 2,942 new start-ups in the mobile and social sector and the Series A/Seed funding that they have raised is…

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The world looks to the Apps World Asia 2011 for digital marketing developments

Apps World Asia 2011

Singapore is hosting the Apps World Asia 2011, as well as the Social Media World Forum Asia 2011, which will show the continent, and the world, some of the latest new developments in digital marketing technologies. These conferences will occur at the same time at the Suntec Convention Center, over September 1st and 2nd, and will draw the industry’s top brands and personalities in the world to discuss the use of apps and social media by organizations seeking to build the connection with their customers and grow their brand awareness.…

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Randi Zuckerberg leaves Facebook

Randi Zuckerberg Facebook

Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, has quit her job as marketing director for the social networking platform in order to begin her own social media venture. It has yet to be determined what kind of impact her resignation will have on Facebook now that Google+, a growing competitor for Facebook, has been launched. Randi Zuckerberg’s intentions are to grow her new organization, RtoZ media, which will work alongside other media firms in order to develop programming that will assist in the creation of platforms that will…

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