Preparing for 2012’s mobile marketing environment

Mobile commerce and the future

Every day there are more people who are adding themselves to the list of individuals who have smartphones, and these devices aren’t just meant for voice communication. Mobile data is now an important part of the smartphone industry and of peoples’ daily lives, from reading their newspapers to listening to music. Smartphones and tablets outsold PCs, laptops and netbooks in 2011, and this trend is expected to continue. The world is clearly becoming a mobile place. It’s up to retailers and marketers to keep up with the demands and expectations…

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Auto Accessory Warehouse uses text messaging to drive sales

Mobile Advertising trends

San Bernardino, California-based auto accessory retailer, Auto Accessory Warehouse, has come upon notable marketing successes by using text messages to boost its sales. In fact, the original text message marketing blast in its campaign brought in more than $5000 in new purchases as a return on investment on an advertising bill under $175. This meant that the return was worth an astounding 2800 percent. Auto Accessory Warehouse owner, Mike Kazi decided on mobile text messaging when he was seeking a new form of advertising that would be more effective than…

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AT&T provides small and medium companies with mobile multimedia marketing solution

AT&T mobile security technology news

AT&T is offering small and medium businesses a new Messaging Toolkit, which allows them to offer their customers real-time special offers, promotions, and product updates that can help them to bring their companies to the next level. The toolkit gives these companies the opportunity to take advantage of multimedia mobile marketing solutions in a do-it-yourself format which can be accessed from a web-based cloud platform that is simple for them to use. The Messaging Toolkit by AT&T has everything that a small or medium size business needs to implement a…

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The most common mistakes made in mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has been evolving at a speed that is unknown in advertising, so it should come as no surprise that mistakes are being made by even the most skilled marketers. Among them, the most common are the following. It is important to learn about them so that they will not be repeated. • Failing to meet compatibility requirements – it is extremely effective to offer QR codes, text messages, and emails that will provide mobile device users with access to videos, websites, apps, and other types of content, unless…

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Data’s potential can now begin to be harnessed by mobile marketers


Mobile marketers have been testing various methods of communication with consumers by way of their mobile devices, and the time has come for those marketers to take their offerings to the next step by taking advantage of what their mobile lists and data truly have to offer. Consumers have been highly responsive to the marketing they have received by way of their smartphones and tablets and have been opting in to various mobile lists by the thousands, if not millions. The one demand that they are now making is that…

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