Fitbit layoffs on the way after disappointing Q4 results

fitbit layoffs blaze smartwatch

The holiday season was reportedly not as good as hoped for the fitness tracker and smartwatch maker. Fitbit layoffs appear to be on the way despite the fact that the company maintains its position at the top of the wearable technology market. The company has announced that its fourth quarter results for 2016, though strong, missed Wall Street’s predictions. As a result of those results, it will be laying off between 5 percent and 10 percent of its total workforce. The company’s board voted that the Fitbit layoffs were among…

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Sales of wearable technology to surpass 50 million by the close of 2014

smartwatch wearable technology

The holiday shopping season is expected to make a massive difference in global shipments of wearables. Among a growing number of predictions that are being made about wearable technology sales, this year, is a new one that has been issued by Futuresource Consulting, which has forecasted that the global shipments of wearables will reach 52 million by the close of the year. This sales figure is considerably higher than those that were released by Juniper Research earlier in November. Juniper had said that their predictions were that there will be…

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Smartwatch from HTC called One Wear, coming soon

smartwatch new wearable technology

The handset maker is reportedly getting ready for a wearable technology launch near the end of the summer. According to recent technology news reports, HTC is working on a smartwatch that it intends to call One Wear and that it will be ready to launch by the end of August or in early September of this year. This is only one of the latest among a string of manufacturers entering the wearable technology space. According to one tech blogger’s website, a demo of the smartwatch has already been created and…

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Gadgets sales of the Samsung smartwatch break the 800,000 mark

Samsung smartwatch gadgets galaxy gear wearable technology mobile payments

The manufacturer has revealed that this part of the Galaxy Gear line has become the most popular device of its kind. Samsung Electronics announced, this week, that one of its latest gadgets, the smartwatch from its Galaxy Gear line, has become the most popular in the world among devices of this type. They have now broken the 800,000 mark in sales, after having first launched the product two months ago. This completely reversed the expectations of the industry that had stated that gadgets like this would fail because of the…

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