Tappy adds finger-scanning mobile payments to watch bands

Finger-scanning mobile payments - Women wearing watch

A new battery-less biometric payment authentication system can turn a watch band into a credit or debit card. Tappy Technologies, a Hong Kong-based company, has developed a finger-scanning mobile payments authentication system that is small enough to fit inside a watch band. The system turns the watch band into a secure credit card or debit card, providing wearers with a convenient, battery-free, contactless payment solution. Tappy’s solution gives banks an alternative to sharing transaction fees with bigger tech companies. More and more consumers are becoming comfortable with using their smartwatches…

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NFC technology in the next Samsung smartwatch will allow mobile payments

NFC technology Smart Watch Augmented Reality

A new report from South Korea suggests that the wearable technology will have near field communication tech. Recently, a report surfaced out of South Korea, which indicated that Samsung intends to integrate NFC technology into its next smartwatch, which it intends to release onto the market in the latter half of this year. This near field communication support will make it possible for wearers to use contactless mobile payments. The company’s own mobile wallet service, Samsung Pay, was unveiled in the United States and South Korea back in March 2015.…

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Wearable technology returns predicted by Visa

cloud smart watch gadgets wearable technology

The credit card giant is now counting on these tiny gadgets as a channel for completing transactions. Visa has revealed that it feels that wearable technology holds considerable promise as a mobile payments and mobile marketing channel, and it is expecting to experience returns from those devices. The financial services provider is banking on wearables to reach consumers and to complete payments. According to the senior vice president of global brand and marketing transformation at Visa, Shiv Singh, wearable technology, which is epitomized by smartwatches as well as Google Glass,…

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Smartwatch mobile payments app available for the first time on Pebble

Pebble Steel Smartwatch mobile payments

This new option for this popular wearable technology was developed using a LevelUp SDK. The Pebble smartwatch now has its very first mobile payments app available that has been developed through the software development kit from the LevelUp network. The application was first launched on Kickstarter in 2012 and was the most successful crowdfunding campaign so far. That smartwatch app for Pebble has already been able to appeal to a broad range of mobile app development companies for everything from games to fitness programs. In February, an online apps store…

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