U.S. regulations surrounding mobile phone tracking are drawn in

cell tower mobile phone tracking

New guidance has been issued with regards to the use of various forms of tracking technology. According to new guidance that has been released by the United States Justice Department, if federal agencies want to use mobile phone tracking technology, they will now need to obtain search warrants in order to do so legally. Until now, various agencies – including the FBI – did not require a warrant to use this tracking technology. This made it possible for cell-site simulators to be used for mobile phone tracking within an area…

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Fake mobile technology towers are tracking device users

cell tower mobile technology

In some areas of the U.S., police are using the masts to “trick” smartphones into revealing their locations. The results of a recent investigation that was conducted by USA Today has revealed that police in some areas regularly use artificial mobile technology towers for the purposes of tracking smartphone users. These towers connect to smartphones in order to fool them into disclosing their current locations. This mobile technology isn’t being used on the regular public. Instead, it is being applied to a location tracking effort for criminals. However, that isn’t…

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Mobile security campaign helps people stop jealous partners from spying on them

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Bugging smartphones is becoming an increasingly common practice but a new group is helping to protect people against this spyware. Despite the fact that it is not a topic that is commonly discussed, the mobile security issue of spying on partners and spouses by way of their smartphones has become an extremely common problem, according to pressure groups that are currently tracking electronic abuse. Campaigns have now been launched to help to protect women against the increasing use of spyware on smartphones. This type of mobile security breach occurs when…

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Mobile commerce shoppers don’t want to be tracked

mobile commerce tracking

Regardless of the growing availability, people remain hesitant to take part in mcommerce channels. Although mobile commerce is becoming widely available and there are a growing number of sites and apps that are making it possible for consumers to be able to buy what they want from the comfort and convenience of their smartphone screens, adoption has still been slower than it should be because of a number of barriers that are making people hesitate. A recent survey has shown that many consumers balk at the thought of shopping on…

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Alohar Mobile continually uses mobile tracking of device users


Their accurate location is always being carefully tracked no matter where they are. Sam Liang, the man responsible for creating the Google Maps blue dot, has now created an even more accurate geolocation mobile tracking technology than the one that he first created in 2006. Alohar Mobile now offers a much more precise form of this technology that consumes significantly less of the battery. Its PlaceMe feature sets a pin down on a private map created specifically for that device, each time its user remains within a single location for…

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