Mobile security effort made with new cap on stolen phone bills

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In the United Kingdom, networks have now placed a limit of £100 on the size of a smartphone bill following a theft. Smartphone owners in the United Kingdom can breathe a bit of a sigh of relief when it comes to the latest move that has been made to help to boost their mobile security – or at least the fraudulent charges that they could face – in the case of a stolen device. As a result of a new consumer protection strategy, a consumer will be liable for only…

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Mobile security issues grow as a result of device thefts

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Lost and stolen smartphones and tablets are making the effort to protect privacy much more difficult. Companies that are attempting to protect mobile security are finding that their jobs are becoming increasingly challenging as a result of the issues that arise following the loss or theft of devices such as smartphones and tablets. This, according to a survey that was conducted in the United States by ZixCorp. A US Cellular survey showed that 58 percent of individuals in the United States had experienced a lost, stolen, or damaged cell phone…

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Smartphone kill switch bill in California faces the governor

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This legislation would require handset manufactures to include special anti-theft software on their devices. A bill that would require anti-theft technology in the form of a smartphone kill switch to be installed into devices that are going to be sold in California, is now before the state governor after it was passed by a final vote in the Senate. This mobile security bill was introduced by Senator Mark Leno, with the San Francisco District Attorney’s support. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon was entirely behind the bill that would require…

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Mobile security cell phone blacklist goes into effect in Canada

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The list has been created to help to prevent the reactivation of stolen devices in the country. A new service nicknamed the “blacklist” has now gone into effect in Canada to help to improve mobile security for individuals who have had their cell phones stolen from them. The blacklist service went into effect in the country at the start of this week with the participation of carriers. The blacklist is designed to boost the current levels of mobile security by adding cell phones that have been reported to be lost…

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